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10 Best Places To Visit In Armenia

Armenia is a Land of Century-Long with Rich History and culture.  The locals are Armenians: one of the ancient nations in the world, formed and settled within the territory of Armenian Highland. Nowadays, Armenia does not stand out for its territorial size, but it has numerous sights scattered throughout Armenia.

Here are presented some of those attractions which are recommended by us:

1.  Cascade Complex

The Cascade museum complex is located in the very heart of Yerevan. It’s a museum under the open air with more than hundreds of stairs heading to the top of the complex, from where opens a stunning view of Ararat and the small center of Yerevan, sunset is also can be a perfect view in the late evening.

The Inner part of the Cascade are some exhibit halls and museums presenting Cafesjian modern Art and not only. The outside of the complex consist of multiple levels of decorated fountains and unique sculptures from the same Cafesjian collection.

The Cascade yard is full of cafes and restaurants on both sides, which makes this place more crowded with locals and tourists.

2.  Areni Wine Village and First Cave

Areni is one of the best known winemaking villages in Armenia not far from the medieval monastery Noravank. From the historical point of view ancestor Noah and his three sons (Shem, Ham, and Japheth) planted the first grapes making this place an important region for viticulture. According to multiple excavations many prehistoric items were founded surrounding this destination dating back to the Stone, Bronze and Iran Ages.

Areni First Cave or Bird’s Cave is a prehistoric cave museum in this area. During archeological excavations there was found 5,500-year-old leather shoe, which is considered the oldest best preserved shoe in the world.

Visiting Areni village is a great opportunity to try the local wine, walk to the church, which is located up in the rocks, and participate in the Areni Wine Festival, which is basically taking place in August.

There are two many big factories in Areni  like Old Areni winery where tourists mostly visit to try different types of wine and have unforgettable wine tour.

3.  Jermuk Hot Springs And Jermuk Waterfall

Jermuk is a popular mountain spa town in the Vayots Dzor province, which was a popular spot for medical tourism during the Soviet Union. Jermuk has mineral water types at different temperatures, which are considered exceptional medicine for a good health. Jermuk is also popular with its hot healthy springs where you can bathe in every season of the year. Inside the complex you can also visit Jermuk Waterfall which has 72 m. height and likeness of girl’s hair which is a beautiful view for making unique pictures.

4.  Tsaghkadzor Ski Resort

Tsaghkadzor is the most popular ski resort and spa town in Armenia, which is approximately 60 km away from the capital Yerevan. It is a great place for winter sports like skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and so on. Tsaghkadzor is always ready to host many tourists from all over the world, because of its multiple hotels and restaurants scattered across the region.

You can also find other attractions in this destination:

  •         Kecharis Monastery
  •         The Ski resort
  •         Teghenis mountain
  •         Orbeli Brothers Museum
  •        Lake Sevan (a 20-minute drive from the Alaska resort)
  •        Bjni Castle (30 minutes drive from Alaska Resort)

5.  Tatev Monastery And Wings of Tatev

In the village of Tatev, on the right bank of the Vorotan river is standing Tatev monastery, which is one of the unique medieval architectural monasteries in Armenia. This monastery used to be not only religious, but also political and educational center.

For getting to the hard reaching monastery people mostly prefer to travel by ‘Wings of Tatev’, which is the longest reversible cable car in the world (5752m), recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. This ropeway connects the village of Halidzor with the 9th century monastery of Tatev. It gives every tourist about 15 minutes unforgettable flight with breathtaking view of the stunning gorges and beautiful nature from the ropeway.

6.  Khndzoresk

Khndzoresk is a cave village located in the Syunik province, This destination is divided into Old and New villages. Old village were inhabited until the 1950s where people lived in the half cave houses, but New One is an ordinary village, where locals are still leaving. Old and New Villages are connected with a long swinging bridge which makes the trip more unforgettable.

7.  Karahunj

Karahunj is an ancient megalithic structure located in the Syunik region, not far from the town of Sisian. About 7500 years old Observatory has more than 200 standing stones occupy 3 hectares area. Nearly half of the stones have holes 5.7cm in diameter. According to researches Karahunj is older than British Stonehenge (3020-2010BC).

Karahunj is also known as Zorats — Karer the same as “Mighty stones” and it can be explained by the fact that the complex is located at the place of strong energy.

8.  Lastiver

Lastiver is a prehistoric residence hidden in the dense forest inside the Khachakhbyur gorge. Lastiver is a hidden treasure surrounded by caves, small huts, swift river, water-fall and houses on the trees close to the nature. Here are ancient caves where locals used to find their shelter during Mongol invasions (13-14cc). In order to reach the cave people had to construct a ladder. The ladder reminded a raft, which translates Up The Raft the same meaning as in Armenian Lastiver.

9.  Kari Lake

Kari Lake or “Stone Lake” is located on the slopes of the highest mountain of Armenia: on the “Mount Aragats — (4090m)”, 3180m above the sea level. The lake has very cold water surrounded by snow all the year round. The snow is a real attraction for many tourists from tropical countries, in every season they come to enjoy snow and cool weather. Hiking and gastro tours are also popular in this destination. Near the lake is a small local restaurant where Armenian traditional dish “Khash” is served, which is considered to be a winter dish.

10.  Dsegh

Dsegh village is one of the most popular villages in Armenia surrounded by fascinating places of interest and stunning natural views. This village is also the birthplace of one of the best Armenian poets Hovhannes Tumanyan whose house-museum is considered to be the main attraction of the destination both for locals and tourists.

The village is famous for its stunning landscape and historical sights as:

  •        Kobayr Monastery,
  •        Hovhannes Tumanyan House-Museum,
  •        Tsover lake,
  •       The Monastery of Bardzrakash St. Gregory,
  •       Dsegh gorge
  •       Debed river where have a nice day with rafting team.

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